The Climenhage Project

Welcome to the Climenhage Project Walking Tour of downtown Peterborough. You are invited to experience the city of Peterborough through the eyes of an artist who has lived in and documented the city for almost two decades.

You can follow the map on foot to view over 50 locations that John Climenhage has painted between 2001 and 2021 by accessing the map on your phone. Accompanying each location on the map is a photo of a corresponding painting or in some cases, multiple paintings, as well as a link to a page that may contain a poem, historic information or other ephemera related to the location.

You can also enjoy the tour by using the index below or links on the map to visit the various painting locations.

You are also invited to post your own comments on these pages – thoughts about the painting, memories or historic facts about the locations. We will share photos of Climenhage paintings from your personal collection on the project’s Instagram account (climenhageproject) if you post them with the hashtag #climenhageproject.

All paintings in this project have been created by John Climenhage. Contributing artists for this project include poets Justin Million (JM), Bruce Whiteman (BW) and Ann Jaeger (AJ) and designer/videographer Laura Thompson (LT).

View a map of more locations here »