Fleeting Light, Peterborough

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Fleeting Light, Peterborough by John Climenhage, 2021 oil on panel 12"x16""
Fleeting Light, Peterborough by John Climenhage, 2021 oil on panel 12″x16″”

If you check the Google street view time line of this shed, you can see that it has not been painted since at least 2007.

Fleeting Light (on Edinburgh)

Daydreaming the world
unfried, it’s autumn
so we can forget
the Garbage Island
out there
taking over the ocean
until next summer,

down Edinburgh
I see the shed,
something comforting
about the worn paint
and peeling look;
the sun destroying 
everything surely―

Annie told me to watch out
for it, that this shed
hasn’t changed at the same pace 
as the rest of the neighborhood,
that that
comforts her,
that that
is a beautiful thing―

When I get home
I decide to search for the shed
online to test Annie’s theory,
and there it is, the immortal thing,
the online streetview photo
taken many years ago,
the paint the same,

its weathered rate
the same, casting the same 
shadow, likely protecting the same 
rakes and shovels, or
maybe there’s something fantastical 
happening inside 
the shed,

but maybe there isn’t,
maybe there’s just a small gap or two
in the old boards 
where a decent autumn breeze gets in
and meaningfully kicks the odd
rogue leaf around
in the dark

as if to say to 
no one like 
an unread poem



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© John Climenhage 2020

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